David W Bolick, GRI   *   Real Estate Broker/Owner of 43 Years

            Network Real Estate, Inc.

 David W Bolick has had a very broad and expansive mixture of experiences in his life.  He became an Eagle Scout at 15, worked full time at 18 and at 19, bought a house and got married.  In 1974 at age 24, he became a Real Estate Broker.  He was promoted to a "Real Estate Property Manager" and became a CPM (Certified Property Manager) by the Institute of Real Estate Management and within a few years was promoted to a position of "Partnership Management" with a large Tax Shelter Syndication firm, responsible for approximately 7 corporations, 100 tax shelter limited partnerships, approximately 6,000 units of apartments, 5 hotels, a restaurant, 4 mobile home parks and 8 office buildings in 5 states.  Eventually the IRS forced the company into bankruptcy and David served as the Expert Witness in court for the Bankruptcy Trustee in the liquidation all assets of corporations and partnerships, for the following 4 years. David left the Trustee and formed his own Apartment Management Company, Consolidated Properties, Inc. and having learned 6 computer languages, developed a sophisticated and comprehensive accounting and managerial computer system to manage the Apartment Complexes which were owned by a multibillion dollar national insurance company. During this time, David also served as a Court Appointed Receiver on several occasions for the Insurance Company.  At age 47, David formed his current company, Network Real Estate, Inc. and created a cutting edge high-tech marketing residential sales company.


David W Bolick, GRI

The "TRUTH" about "FLIPPING" Foreclosure Real Estate